In the fall of 2000, Marvin Suomi, President of Kajima Urban Developement, asked Calvin Grimm to create a large painting which KUD would present to its client: the San Francisco Giants Baseball Club. KUD was developer of the Giant's new home, AT&T Park, inaugurated April, 2000.

Suomi felt that this unique ball park, in its remarkable setting, would inspire Calvin to express something not approached in depictions of sports venues to date. Suomi's intuition bore fruit as Grimm produced nearly five dozen preliminary studies and two large canvases in 19 months. May 3rd, 2002 saw the unveiling of the first 76"x120" oil on canvas installed at the ball park. Later a companion canvas was installed there as well.

As an abstract expressionist painter, interested in the mysteries of organic form, Grimm's challange was to observe the literal elements in baseball, the Park, and the Park's relationship to its surroundings, and through studies, evolve those objects and atmospheres into abstraction. Eventually, without a set plan, Grimm began the final large canvases.

The result is two fluid, rolling scapes of natural, architectural and baseball forms which weave across two curved walls at the AAA Club Box Councourse of SBC Park, San Francisco.